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I Tried These Productivity Hacks for a Month So You Wouldn't Have To

I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm not the most together person in the world. I eat three meals a day, but one of them is usually takeout. I hit snooze so often it should be considered a nap. And I definitely don't drink enough water. But I imagine I'm not alone.

How to Take Good Pictures: 60 Tips from the Best Photographers

Photography is a wonderful way to preserve your memories, share them with friends and family, and keep them as special momentoes. Some people may tell you that to do this you need an expensive camera, but in fact, the best camera you will ever have is whatever you have. Good technique is far better than an expensive camera. Light plays such an important role in your picture taking, so it is well worth spending some time learning about this, and other techniques that will enhance your colours and composition. After reviewing some of the basics about good photography, you will find that your picture taking produces shots that you will be proud to display!

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