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Why Facebook Ads Will Make You Successful in 2017 & Beyond

Facebook Ads are going to drive more leads for your business in 2017 than any other paid channel. You’ll need to have the right strategy and execute with agility and precision, but right now there is a massive Facebook opportunity for inbound marketers. An opportunity that if you take advantage of now, will pay off for years.

In-Ear Device That Translates Foreign Languages In Real Time

Most of us have found ourselves in the awkward situation of trying to communicate in a foreign language. Sometimes it’s funny. Sometimes it’s embarrassing. And sometimes it’s downright disastrous. But thanks to a new translation device that easily fits into your ear, the days of struggling to speak the local lingo might soon be a thing of the past.

20 Types of Lead Generation Content to Put Behind Your Landing Pages

What does being in a "content rut" mean to you?

Perhaps the words remind you of writer's block, when you couldn't think of fresh topic ideas. (We've all been there.) Or maybe it makes you think of those days, weeks, or even -- horror of horrors -- months when your content seems to be falling kind of flat.

There's one other thing it might make you imagine -- the kind of content rut with the same types of content getting created over and over again, instead of mixing it up.

Run by robots: Amazon’s high-tech supermarket may only need three employees

Amazon may once again be on the verge of revolutionizing the way you shop, with robotic technology replacing most of the regular staff. Amazon already has one of its revolutionary “Go” grocery stores open as part of a trial. If you missed the launch at the end of last year, it’s a place where you can just walk in, take what you need, and leave. There are no lines and no cashiers. Just choose, grab and, well, go.

How to Take Good Pictures: 60 Tips from the Best Photographers

Photography is a wonderful way to preserve your memories, share them with friends and family, and keep them as special momentoes. Some people may tell you that to do this you need an expensive camera, but in fact, the best camera you will ever have is whatever you have. Good technique is far better than an expensive camera. Light plays such an important role in your picture taking, so it is well worth spending some time learning about this, and other techniques that will enhance your colours and composition. After reviewing some of the basics about good photography, you will find that your picture taking produces shots that you will be proud to display!

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